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Government (GSA)

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Only Mohawk lets you choose from scores of colors and styles in woven, modular and tufted. We are the largest carpet supplier to the Federal Government and support SBA, the Service Disabled and 8A partnerships around the country. For you GSA projects, from sea to shining sea, count on us to come through with flying colors

2007 & 2000 GSA Evergreen Award Winner
This prestigious environmental accolade affirms Mohawk's ongoing and steadfast dedication to reducing waste by improving energy and resource efficiencies through innovative products, processes and services.

Drag and Fly
Gone are the days of searching for carpet samples and scanning or photographing carpet tile for photoshop simulations. What took hours now takes seconds with our Drag and Fly optimized carpet images. Save time on rendering and make time for design! Find out more.

GSA Catalog


Easy access and a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. Download a digital copy of our GSA catalog today or view it online at