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Healthcare / Durable + Maintainable

"Keeping my custodial costs in line is a constant challenge. Vacuuming seems to be a lot faster than mopping. Is carpet the solution?"

Durable by design. Tough flooring for demanding spaces. Conventional wisdom says carpet is a higher maintenance solution for healthcare facilities. Mohawk has proven conventional wisdom wrong. Our modular and broadloom carpet offerings can take a beating and stand the test of time while actually reducing maintenance costs. That's because we engineer performance into every product we make. From non-latex moisture barrier backings, to stain resistant fibers, to incredible dimensional stability, we design carpet that works for the long haul—and reduces the maintenance workload.

We've got your back. No flooring is completely maintenance free. But with proper routine maintenance, such as vacuuming and following simple cleaning instructions, carpet from Mohawk will maintain its beauty for years to come. Our carpet will also allow your custodial crew to clean more space in the same eight-hour shift than spaces with hard surfaces.* Let us show you the value of our carpet and how easy it is to protect your investment.

Can you maintain it?

* Source: APPA. Custodial Staffing Guidelines/Clean Ops Staffing Package.

I want our flooring to look good and hold up over time. What will make it last longest?

Contain your maintenance costs.
Duracolor: 96% of stains removed with clear water. Duracolor is permanent stain resistance—not a topical treatment that can wash off or wear away. Its patented ability to resist stains is engineered into its molecular structure and has been proven effective in millions of yards of demanding installations. No other stain resistance is engineered into its molecular structure and has been proven effective in millions ofyards of demanding installations. No other stain resistance technology comes close to Duracolor's record of success. The fact that Duracolor can be cleaned with water or a mild detergent means you don't need expensive chemical cleaners and you can reduce maintenance time and labor costs. Most importantly, Duracolor extends the useful life of your carpet, and is warranted to last forever.

Colorstrand: performance and beauty. Carpet made with Colorstrand® Solution Dyed Nylon combines enduring beauty with sustainable performance. With aesthetics that are unsurpassed by other solution dyed fibers, Colorstrand also resists color loss from cleaning chemicals and ozone degradation. In fact it's five times more resistant to fading than conventionally dyed nylon fibers. Plus, Colorstrand's 25% pre-consumer recycled content contributes to greener healthcare environments.

Choose lasting performance.
Soft or hard surfaces: performance products that fit the space. Healthcare flooring needs change throughout a facility. Why should a one-floor-fits-all approach be expected to work everywhere when your priorities vary from stain resistance to rolling ease to resilience under high traffic? Regardless of the space, the demand for maximum performance remains critical. Mohawk specializes in fitting the right high performance product to the space to ensure ease of maintenance and the longest possible life cycle. Our hard and soft surface options promise exceptional durability, reduced maintenance costs and the option of replacing sections instead of whole areas. When your goal is performance, Mohawk is the clear choice for the widest range of flooring options.