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Healthcare / Healthy + Safe

"I've always thought that soft surfaces increase the likelihood of infection in hospitals. Is that really the case?"

Who pays for in-hospital injuries and hospital-acquired infections? Since October 2008, Medicare and private insurers no longer cover these expenses. Healthcare facilities are responsible for 100% of the costs. Increasingly, flooring is being recognized for its role in infection control and prevention of slips and falls.

"I know hard surfaces make it easier to clean-up spills. But are they better at resisting bacteria, fungus and mold growth?"

"Keeping my custodial staffing costs in line is a real challenge. It seems that vacuuming is a lot faster than mopping—is carpet the solution?"

"Can carpet actually decrease the likelihood of transmitting infections?"

High Traffic = High Dust. Corridors, waiting areas and nursing stations experience a lot of foot traffic on any given day. All of that walking stirs up airborne particulates that caregivers, patients and visitors could potentially breathe. Fortunately, carpet acts like a trap, reducing the amount of dust and allergens in the air. The particulates that fall to the carpet are held there and remain away from the breathing zone until they are removed by vacuuming or cleaning. On the other hand, walking on hard surfaces actually disturbs more particulates than walking on carpet and these remain in the air. So, for the highest traffic areas, Mohawk can recommend carpet solutions that improve indoor air quality and create healthier facilities.

Low Traffic = High Maintenance. Some areas just need more clean-up. By their very nature, bathrooms, labs, patient rooms, surgical suites, supply areas and janitorial closets require more maintenance. That's where the most spills occur and it's where hard surface flooring can really shine. Spills on rubber, vinyl tile and other hard surfaces are easily cleaned. Hard surfaces also effectively resist the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold. Since these areas have the lowest amount of foot traffic, airborne particulates are much less pervasive. Mohawk's next-generation hard surfaces meet the demands of the messiest areas and complement our carpets so you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for the highest functionality.

"How can I make our facility safer and reduce work related injuries from slips and falls?"

Slip and Fall Injuries. Minimizing slip and fall incidents—especially in high traffic areas—is easy and cost effective with the right flooring. Patients, visitors and caregivers are more likely to slip and fall in the areas where they do the most walking. But, if they're walking on carpet, their chances of slipping and falling are greatly decreased. And, if they do fall, they are much less likely to be injured because carpet cushions the impact.