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Healthcare / Quiet + Comfortable

Why are acoustics important in healthcare environments?

"Can you have cushioned flooring that reduces employees' fatigue without increasing rolling resistance?"

"Keeping my custodial staffing costs in line is a real challenge. It seems that vacuuming is a lot faster than mopping—is carpet the solution?"

Roller Mobility. When push comes to shove. Healthcare facility employees are susceptible to a variety of workplace injuries, not the least of which are muscle and joint fatigue and injuries related to pushing hospital beds, wheelchairs or other rolling equipment. Until now, the flooring trade-off was cushioned carpet to fight fatigue vs. a hard surface for lower rolling resistance. Thankfully, Mohawk delivers a solution that meets both needs. Our carpet products have a face fiber that fights fatigue coupled with a dense, low-compression performance backing that reduces rolling resistance. You can finally have the best of both worlds.

Whatever works best—we have it. Bathrooms, laboratories, patient rooms, central and sterile supply areas, janitorial closets have unique maintenance requirements. Spills occur regularly and they need frequent maintenance. This is where hard surfaces shine. Studies of Healthcare workers and administrators show that carpet is preferred for the rest.