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The performance standard for every application, Duracolor nylon is forever stain free, forever sustainable and forever beautiful, guaranteed. Carpet is easy to maintain with inherent stain resistance and water-only stain removal. What's more, its 30% recycled content makes Duracolor one of the most sustainable fibers on the market today. With more than 300 beautiful colors that last, Duracolor is the right choice–FOREVER.

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  • Resists 99%
    Of All Common Stains
  • Built In Protection
    That Will Never Wash or Wear Off
  • So Good
    We Guarantee it

Forever Stain Free

NO WORRIES: When accidents happen, there's no need to worry with carpet made from Duracolor fiber. Duracolor is an advanced, stain resistant fiber technology that resists 99% of all common stains–FOREVER. That's right, the stain protection is permanently built in, so you don't have to worry about it washing off or wearing away like the temporary, topical treatments used by many other carpet fibers. In fact, the permanent stain protection is so good, Mohawk guarantees it.

  • Permanent built in protection
  • Resists 99% of all stains
  • Passes the GSA Test Method for stain resistance: AATCC Test Method 175
  • Duracolor Warranty: We guarantee it
  • 30% Recycled
    25% Pre-Consumer & 5% Post-Consumer
  • No Chemicals Required
    96% of Stains are Removed with Just Water
  • Lasts Longer
    Leading to Less Carpet in Landfills

Forever Sustainable

A BETTER BUILT FIBER: In addition to its remarkable water-only cleaning properties, Duracolor is made with 30% recycled content. With 25% pre-consumer and 5% post- consumer recycled content, Duracolor has become one of the most sustainable fibers on the market today–all without sacrificing performance, style or durability. Duracolor is truly a better built, sustainable fiber.

  • Made with 30% recycled content: 25% pre-consumer & 5% post-consumer
  • No Chemicals required: 96% of all common stains clean with just water
  • Declare Red List Free: Duracolor fiber is Declare red list free in accordance with the Living Building Challenge
  • Lasts Longer: Product life is extended, reducing the impact to your bottom line and to the environment
  • Recyclable through Mohawk's ReCover Program
  • 300+ Vibrant Colors
    Provide You With the Design Flexibility You Need
  • Colorfast to Light
    And Atmospheric Contaminents
  • The Perfect Fiber
    When you need beauty that Endures

Forever Beautiful

BEAUTY YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: Any carpet can look good when it's new. But carpet that stays beautiful forever? That can only mean carpet made with Duracolor fiber. With Duracolor, you can rest easy that your capet's beauty will last. Even lighter colored carpet in high traffic settings are guaranteed to look great for a lifetime. Available in more than 300 pure, vibrant colors, Duracolor provides you with the design flexibility and lasting beauty you desire.

  • Available in more than 300 colors
  • Unsurpassed colorfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants so colors won't fade
  • Unmatched design flexibility without compromising color retention or stain resistance
  • Proven track record of success over the past 20 years