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A testament to style under high traffic conditions, Slate is the environmentally responsible rubber flooring for public access areas. Areas that demand low noise characteristics, high fire resistance, and user comfort.


Product TypeRubber
Gauge3.17MM (1/8")
Size18"x18" (nominal) or 36"x36" (nominal)
Static Load1,100 PSI (modified)

Silver Circle MLS103

Emerald Isle MLS111

Whimsical White MLS117

Maltese Gray MLS130

Polished Pewter MLS133

Platinum Gray MLS134

Egyptian Shadow MLS140

Almond Biscotti MLS142

Roycroft Tan MLS144

Casa Madrona MLS145

Buckskin MLS146

Sierra Sunset MLS150

Alfresco Brick MLS155

Copper Dust MLS157

Golden Valley MLS173

Night Sky MLS 191

Blue Willow MLS190

Lime Sorbet MLS183

Green Mint MLS181

Aqua Teal MLS180