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Product TypeRubber
Gauge2MM(0.080") / 3MM(0.118")
Size5'Wx50'L (1.5m x 15.2m)
Static Load2,000 PSI (modified)

Oasis Flower RRO-575

Gobi Lilac RRO-550

Moroccan Crackle RRO-545

Burnished Cinnamon RRO-544

Warm Sable RRO-537

Castle Marne RRO-534

Smoky Branch RRO-532

Pewter Fossil RRO-531

Shadow Dune RRO-523

Soft Sun RRO-515

Desert Daystar RRO-514

Silky Sage RRO-512

Palm Paradise RRO-511

Shady Twilight RRO-509

Taupe Tease RRO-508

Antique Paradise RRO-506

Orient Espresso RRO-505

Tawny Pearl RRO-504

Northern Light RRO-503