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Stair Treads - Nose and Tread Visually Impaired

Master Step Tile

Molded stair treads combine easy installation, maximum resiliency and sound absorption that is ideal for stairwell projects. Regular and one-piece versions are available in Round profile only. For areas requiring extra slip resistance, visually impaired configurations are also available.


Product TypeRubber
Gauge3.17mm (1/8 gauge)
Size3', 4', 6' Lengths
Static Load1,100 PSI (pounds per square inch)

Onyx Black RVR120

Midnight Charcoal RVR123

Polished Pewter RVR133

Platinum Gray RVR134

Carriage Gray RVR137

Sandstone Beige RVR140

Deep Chestnut RVR148

Sienna Sunset RVR150

Cherry Red RVR152

Alfresco Brick RVR155

Golden Valley RVR173

Aqua Teal RVR180

Green Mint RVR181

Lime Sorbet RVR183

Blue Willow RVR190

Night Sky RVR191