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Medi-Flex Sheet

TRUE Medi-Flex

Outstanding color clarity and colorfastness combine with exceptional performance characteristics to provide a flooring solution that's perfectly practical and practically perfect. You get the best of both worlds: all the virtues of rubber flooring, along with the harmonious, perfectly pure colors that great design demands.


Product TypeRubber
Gauge2MM(0.080") / 3MM(0.118")
Size5'Wx50'L (1.5m x 15.2m)
Static Load2,000 PSI (modified)

Night Skies TRS2-02

Sand Bar TRS2-03

Bubbles TRS2-09

Pebble TRS2-13

Canvas TRS2-14

Cloak TRS2-15

Mountain Path TRS2-23

Pottery Clay TRS2-25

Lemon Icebox TRS2-27

Gemstone TRS2-29

Coal TRS2-32

Dried Coral TRS2-33

Roma TRS2-35

Cheddar TRS2-37

Green Apple TRS2-38

Freeze TRS2-43

Warm Sunshine TRS2-47

Delphinium TRS2-49

Hail Storm TRS2-51

In-Service TRS2-93

Blue Spring TRS2-89

Violet TRS2-86

Latte TRS2-85

Gunmetal TRS2-83

Spring Valley TRS2-78

Pecan TRS2-75

Aircraft Carrier TRS2-73

Impatience TRS2-66

Grape Vine TRS2-65

Buff TRS2-63

Iris TRS2-59

Chartreuse TRS2-58

Orange Sherbet TRS2-57

Red Hot TRS2-55

Grain TRS2-54

Dove TRS2-53