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Active Tec

Available in a range of emulated wood styles, Active Tec brings a flooring solution that sticks. Literally. Engineered to be installed over existing floors, Active Tec uses its vinyl planks with a recycled vinyl base underlay to create a long term healthcare solution like no other.


Product TypeFloating LVT
Wear Layer12mil/0.3mm
GaugePlank 3.00mm/Sub Floor 1.5mm
Size6"x36" planks with 12"x36" Underlay
Static Load2,500 PSI (pounds per square inch)
ConstructionHeat and Pressure Cured

Heritage Cedar LP6-90

Atlas Cedar LP6-80

Warm Timber LP6-70

Coastal Dunes LP6-61

English Walnut LP6-60

Aged Oak LP6-51

Natural Teak LP6-50

Nutshell LP6-41

Warm Maple LP6-40

Barnwood LP6-31

Praline LP6-21

American Cherry LP6-20

Royal Forest LP6-11

Sugar Maple LP6-10

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