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Cross Country Tile



Product TypeCarpet Tile
Min. Sq. Yd.No minimum
Fiber TypeColorstrand® Nylon
BackingEcoFlex ICT
Alt BackingUpgrade to NXT or NXT AIR Backing for Red List Free. Min req'd. Contact Rep for Details.
Dye MethodSolution Dyed / Yarn Dyed
Pile Weight22.0 oz. per sq. yd. (746 g/m2)

Render Ready Images

Our render ready optimized carpet images are light balanced, color corrected and sized to scale. All images are processed at 150 dpi and optimized for immediate use.

Blue Ridge 7565

Boston Harbor 7588

Sun Valley 7828

Gulf Coast 7839

DuPont Circle 7847

Grand Canyon 7848

Painted Desert 7852

Goldengate Bridge 7856

Amelia Island 7872

Redwood Forest 7876

Big Sur 7878

Mineral Springs 7948

Stone Mountain 7968

Pikes Peak 7988

Cross Country