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Pin Scribed II

Etchings II


Product TypeBroadloom
Min. Sq. Yd.No minimum
Fiber TypeUltron® Nylon
BackingUnibond® Plus
Dye MethodPiece Dyed
Pile Weight30.0 oz. per sq. yd. (1017 g/m2)
This product is Red List free

Tokay 388

Cigar 544

Faberge Egg 593

Admiral 595

Limoge 652

Decanter 730

Champagne Flute 737

Stucco 748

Vintage Furnace 824

Nickel 846

Aurene 851

Bronzed Patina 868

Godiva 873

Rosin 874

Mercury 945

Diamond Cut 966

Cobble Stone 981

Armor 989