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Achieve It

Working Together


BrandMohawk Group
Product TypeBroadloom
Min. Sq. Yd.No minimum
Fiber TypeColorstrand® Nylon
BackingUnibond® Plus
Dye MethodSolution Dyed / Yarn Dyed
Pile Weight17.0 oz. per sq. yd. (576 g/m2)
This product is Red List free

Hypothesis Slate 7575

Introspective Blue 7585

Reflective Bronze 7671

Analyzing Olive 7678

Intellectual Beige 7838

Insightful Greige 7853

Dynamic Taupe 7855

Thinking Tawny 7873

Recognition Brown 7883

Solution Charcoal 7973

Cognition Grey 7975

Synthesis Black 7989

Achieve It Tile

Collaborate Tile

Experiment Tile

Higher Thinking Tile


Solve Tile