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Ancient Route

Silk Road


BrandMohawk Group
Product TypeBroadloom-Custom
Min. Sq. Yd.500 sq yd minimum
Fiber TypeDuracolor® Premium Nylon
BackingUnibond® Plus
Dye MethodSolution Dyed / Yarn Dyed
Pile Weight26.0 oz. per sq. yd. (882 g/m2)
This product is Red List free

Artifacts 152

Market 368

Trails 483

Woodcraft 558

Cultural 568

Caravan 646

Trade 648

Transcontinental 651

Connection 668

Route 721

Influence 849

Exchange 852

Technique 856

Bronzed Object

Cup of Tea

Elegant Cloth

Exotic Fauna

Foreign Flora


Luxury Trade

Merchant Exchange

Ornate Armor

Ornate Metal


Spice Trade

Woodblock Type