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Simply Tailored Collection

Karastan Palettes
Luxury Woven

Simply Tailored by Mohawk Group and renowned designer Lauren Rottet integrates timeless woven craftsmanship with industrial production techniques to create cutting-edge style. The broadloom woven collection is inspired by well-tailored, one-of-a-kind business attire. The Collection offers a stylish mix of classic and modern with three high-end patterns that range from pin-dot tweeds to sophisticated lines.

Lauren Rottet is one of the most celebrated interior architects today with an extraordinary record of awards, publications, lectures, juries and honors.

Simply Tailored Products

Coordinating Hardwood


The key effortless design is at your fingertips with Karastan Palettes: Three innovative color groupings that allow you to link every Karastan flooring selection into a wealth of complimentary products. A neutral tone directs each palette, for versatile flooring combinations that will enrich and ground any design. Explore grey hues in the Timeless Today palette, begin in Tradition Reinvented or taupe in Sophistication Now. Refinement made effortless. Possibilities, endless.

Sophistication Now

Luxury Woven

The structural and environmental strengths of woven deliver life-cycles three times greater than typical products. The art of weaving also allows for a face construction that is denser, resulting in a carpet that retains its original appearance over time. When it comes to the time-honored craft of weaving, nothing compares to Karastan for its beauty, quality and endurance.


The Karastan Simply Tailored Collection is red list free, ensuring a sustainable product in which all product ingredients are fully Declared in accordance with the Living Building Challenge Declare program. Declare labels provide a clear ingredients list for building products and a quick assessment of whether or not the product is free of red list materials, helping customers easily and confidently make conscious, informed decisions when specifying products. To learn more about Declare, visit our Sustainability page.

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Woven Seam Installation

To ensure quality installation of Karastan products, contact one of our Certified Woven installers to help you with your project. Click here for a list of Certified Woven installers.

Simply Tailor Your Space

Customize your Karastan Woven to match your style. With a low 250-yard minimum, you can design your style, base color and accent.

1. Choose A Style


Pocket Square

2. Choose A Base Color

Light Tone

Dark Tone

3. Choose Your Accent

Ice Green

Lemon Zest

Electric Orange

Misty Rose
Morocan Tile
Chalk Dust

Accent color shown: 453 Kaleidoscope

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  • Mohawk Group Simply Tailored Collection
  • Mohawk Group Simply Tailored Collection
  • Mohawk Group Simply Tailored Collection
  • Mohawk Group Simply Tailored Collection