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We constantly develop products and processes that are planet-friendly and make for better business solutions.

Healthy Products

Our commitment to the environment means you get freedom of choice and none of the worry.

Making a Difference

We believe that every action can make a world of difference. It’s a conviction that runs throughout the Mohawk Group and drives everything we do. We’re committed to actions, not just words. To be real, sustainability initiatives must be truly viable, long-term, and third-party verified. Some can be small, simple steps. Others are enormous undertakings that involve major capital investment and significant cultural change. We’re making that difference through healthy products, greater transparency, innovation, recycling and supporting our communities.


With our time and money, Mohawk supports organizations that directly impact the places we live, work, and play.


True sustainability only works when you can see the changes, compare performance, and verify progress.


Mohawk is the largest recycler in the flooring industry—in terms of both recycled content in our products and post-consumer programs.