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Energy & Emission Reductions

It's a lesson in less: we're continually finding ways to do more with less electricity, natural gas, and fuels while also reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. How do we achieve such reductions? The key to our success is that we attack our energy consumption from so many different angles. Instead of just relying on a few big initiatives to reduce consumption, we look at absolutely everything. Our goal is to reduce our total energy and greenhouse gas emission intensities 25% by the year 2020 as compared to 2009 levels.

We've uncovered countless small changes throughout our operations that translate to major energy savings. Our commitment to Kaizen—continuous improvement—is a multi-faceted approach that includes energy assessments, company surveys, automated reporting systems, Energy Treasure Hunts, and more. And, it's not just about what happens inside our mills. We look at energy usage in areas such as warehousing and distribution, too. This means everything from using natural gas powered trucks—to installing solar panels on the roof of our West Coast distribution facility (capable of harnessing enough energy to power approximately 2,000 average-sized homes). For a manufacturer of our size, all these different efforts quickly add up to a greener world.

In late 2011, we installed a new generation printer at one of our Dalton, GA mills that lets us create visually stunning carpet while using fewer natural resources. Our new Spectronics 25X printer produces broadloom carpet patterns with an unprecedented level of detail and rich color. This high-resolution printer features 1280 jets per color (compared to 448 jets in our previous printer). The results are beautiful, but its resource usage is eye-catching, too. It's efficient design and much faster speeds mean more throughput and less energy consumption. Our goals with the new Spectronics 25X printer are to reduce electricity usage by up to 10%, steam usage by up to 20%, and water usage by up to 30%.