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Waste Diversion

We're making incredible progress in diverting carpet waste away from landfills. One of our most exciting efforts is the Mohawk Group ReCover program. ReCover diverts millions of pounds of commercial carpet each year from landfills. And, because we're willing to reclaim carpet from anyone anywhere, we're even keeping our competitor's carpets out of landfills. Participants in our ReCover program range from a major national a world-leading financial one of the largest movie theater chains in North America. We're recovering carpet from colleges, corporate headquarters, military bases, courts, government offices, and more. Our relationship with Delta Air Lines means that we're even reclaiming old carpet from the planes you fly in. Our goal is to reduce our total waste to landfill intensity 25% by the year 2020 (as compared to 2009 levels).

Delta Air Lines is no small consumer of carpet—using more than 50,000 square yards every year. And now, we're helping them give that carpet a more sustainable future. With our help, Delta has become the first airline to develop a strategy for diverting old aircraft carpet away from landfills. The results have been impressive. From 2008-2011, our ReCover program has helped Delta keep 440,520 pounds of carpet out of landfills. Delta now has a dedicated onsite trailer for their old carpet. We regularly collect the carpet and take it to be used as an alternative fuel resource—not only keeping it out of landfills, but also helping reduce dependence on coal. ReCover has given Delta a truly end-to-end solution for diverting old carpet. We provide the waste containers, coordinate the shipping, and facilitate the waste diversion. ReCover saves Delta money, while saving the environment too.