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Greener Spaces

When it comes to sustainable flooring choices, no one offers you more than Mohawk. It's not just that so many of our products are NSF-140 certified or that they help contribute toward LEED® points, it's that they give you more options in everything from broadloom and woven, tufted, and hard surfaces. We also provide the support and tools needed to help you make the best decisions for your design and green certification goals. For example, with our online LEED® PLUS Calculator™, you can search building products and calculate LEED points and other environmental ratings in minutes, not weeks.

NSF 140 is the most comprehensive, rigorous environmental benchmark in the flooring industry. At Mohawk, the majority of our carpets qualify for either NSF 140 Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification. Specific to carpet, NSF 140 offers objectively verified, third-party certification of performance across multiple environmental attribute areas. An essential element of this ANSI-approved sustainable carpet standard is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA examines the environmental impact of a carpet across its entire lifespan and is a great way to improve the environmental footprint.

When the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)—part of the U.S. Department of Energy—set out to develop a new Research Support Facility in Golden, CO, their goal was to design "the most energy-efficient building in the world." The recently completed 222,000 square foot facility is a glowing example of energy-efficient construction and renewable energy technologies. It's certified LEED® Platinum—thanks in part to its 30,000 square feet of Mohawk carpet. Creating a safe, healthy work environment—including healthy indoor air quality—was a key priority, so the project's architects turned to Mohawk modular carpet with thermoplastic backing. Our carpet met their environmental goals with 100% non-PVC construction, low-to-no VOCs, and 25% pre-consumer and 10% post-consumer recycled content. As beautiful as it is sustainable, the new NREL facility employs various colorways of Mohawk carpet to define space throughout the building's open floor plan. Mohawk is proud to have played a role in helping NREL meet the highest environmental standards for its stunning new facility.