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Declare Labels

Mohawk Group is participating in the Living Building Challenge™ Declare program. By providing a clear, elegant and informative "nutrition-label" for building products, Declare aligns with our commitment to transparency in support of the Living Building Challenge's Red List and Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives—streamlining material documentation and project certification.

Architects, designers and specifiers want to make the right decisions when designing and constructing buildings by using ecologically sound products without resorting to extensive research. Declare fills this information gap and accelerates market transformation by answering three simple questions. Where does a product come from? What is it made of? And where does it go at the end of its life? By providing a clear ingredients list for building products, Declare helps consumers make conscious, informed decisions, and provides manufactures of ecologically sound products as a way to demonstrate market leadership and secure a competitive advantage.

Mohawk Group and Durkan Red List Free Products

Mohawk Group Declare Labels

Durkan Declare Labels