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Shape & Flow

The Tallies and Ticks of Repetitive Data

Water is the ultimate chemical solvent & transporter in the functioning of life on earth. Raindrops in accumulation drawn downwards through the pull of gravity, carve high energy fractal shaped rivers that flow to all inanimate forms of nature. Shape & Flow combines the repetitive action of the input of data shown in tallies and ticks with the flux and flow of water to create a unique pattern. A selection of 8 colorways each represent a distinct story. A story about the impact of water. Both styles demonstrate the calming, yet strong force of rivers.


Color Pulse

Shape & Flow features our latest yarn innovation: Color Pulse, a new fiber breakthrough that delivers the visual texture and dynamic dimension of a space dyed yarn, with the lower environmental impact and high performance of our solution dyed nylon.

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The Waterways Project

River health is human health. That’s why we’re launching The Waterways Project – a journey through new products, technologies and initiatives to help us better understand and give back to the living rivers that sustain us all. Discover how we’re expanding our efforts by working to make a greater positive impact on rivers and the life they make possible.

The Waterways Project