Area Rugs

Mohawk Group believes in empowering architects and designers with the tools to achieve their vision. With the Area Rug Program, we expand the palette by merging the design of broadloom with the scale and versatility of area rugs. Simply put, Mohawk Group’s broadloom offerings may now be transformed into beautiful area rugs in a few simple steps.

Simple Mohawk Group Area Rug Program Ordering

Our sales reps are ready to assist you in placing an order in our rug program. Here are some steps to work through before contacting a rep to place an order.

  1. Identify your area rug style and color.
  2. Determine the size for your rug (L x W). The maximum rug size is 12' x 45'.
  3. Determine the serging colorways or binding types.
  4. Determine if a rug underlayment will be needed.
  5. Submit information along with ship-to details in one of three ways:

    Contact your Mohawk Group Account Executive.
    Email custom_cs@mohawkind.com
    Call 800.622.6228, ext. 24733.

Mohawk Group Customer Service will contact you with the order confirmation including the final cost.