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Deepa Pillutla

A Closer Look at Deepa

How long have you been working in the Industry?
I have been designing professionally for about 20 years. My initial years had been mostly geared towards furniture upholstery textiles for Hospitality, Contract and Residential markets, subsequently expanding into surface design for different applications like Bedding, Soft Goods, Wallcovering and Flooring, to name a few. I am delighted to be part of Durkan Field designers team and have been for approximately 9 months now.

What territory do you currently cover?
The West Coast, based in LA/ Orange County area.

What inspires you professionally?
It is wonderful to be able to be doing something that truly makes me happy. It is a definite bonus to work with a talented team, with the ability to share and exchange ideas on a daily basis, be it with the design team or the sales representatives.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
At the risk of stating the obvious as a designer- Design and Color. Developing creative solutions for custom projects makes every day and every project unique and exciting to work on. Working on this collection was very rewarding as it allowed me to express what I am currently drawn towards and inspired by.

What are your most favorite things on your desk?
Poms and Pom holders - I am thrilled to have my desk and space more organized since I received the Pom holders.

When you are short on inspiration how do you reenergize; where do you go for inspiration?
Being in nature, I feel rejuvenated and it clears my mind, a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains or just some quiet serene time kayaking. As a designer and a creative person, inspiration comes in various forms, mediums and sources. Being in nature, culture, art, architecture, sometimes reading blog posts, working with my hands, doing embroidery or some art form, to name a few.

What made you decide to showcase the trend/designs that you selected?
One of my passions is to travel and explore places. Given our current state globally, I find myself missing the outdoors and valuing how much nature rejuvenates me. This collection is inspired by my pre-quarantine trips to the mountains and canyons on the west coast and neighboring areas influenced by the natural movement of textures, with the purple and terracotta colors in the sunsets. The Collection brings outdoors and natural flow of elements to indoor applications.


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