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Healthy Environments

Healthy Environments

Mohawk Group believes healthy environments nurture the positive connections that allow patients and care providers to thrive, and we are committed to innovating flooring solutions for optimum health and wellness. Our healthcare segment specialists and creative team integrate design, research and development, technology and sustainability to foster high-performance spaces that empower the human mind, body and spirit. The Healthy Environments collection is inspired by the alluring, soothing colors and textures of species native to the desert Southwest. In addition to their natural beauty, the innate hardiness of these plants provides a paradigm for perseverance through difficult challenges and environments. Drawing inspiration from these plants and biophilic design, the Healthy Environments collection was created to advance healing and productivity in healthcare interiors. The collection consists of two product categories: heterogeneous sheet patterns inspired by biophilic design and three coordinating carpet plank patterns.


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