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Crossing Current

A Foundation Awash With Mesmerizing Design

Rivers and waterways are an intrinsic part of our innate reverence towards nature. As the foundation of life, water sustains humankind, animals and plants, creating unquestionable interconnectivity. A stream or river is more than just the flowing water that can be seen on the surface. Often the smaller facets that are overlooked are the most beautiful and profound. 

Crossing Current’s biophilic design mimics the natural sediments found along riverbanks and throughout the riverbed. A selection of 8 colorways reference the nutrient-rich sediment of the Hyporheic zone — the part of the river that supports the ecosystem through natural filtration. Both styles feature a subtle color wash that pays tribute to the mesmerizing natural palette found in the riverbed.


Change the Course

The Waterways Project is a series of collections, new technologies and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on river systems and nurturing a more symbiotic relationship with rivers. We have partnered with Change the Course to make a difference in our waterways across the U.S. by restoring 8,000,000 gallons of water this year. With every square yard purchased, you will help contribute towards the water restoration projects.

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