2022 DSCVR Lookbook

Immerse yourself in mesmerizing designs, gain inspiration from emerging talents, and unlock fresh perspectives that will elevate your own projects. 


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Revwood - Voxwood - Laminated Wood
Brand Approved Hotel Prototypes

Durkan’s Hotel Prototypes offer a diverse portfolio of flooring combinations for your brand.

Personal Studio PR Shot
Personal Studio

Experience our interactive visualization and personalization platform that allows you to create personalized flooring solutions for any contract project.

Durkan Hospitality Poms PR Shot
Design Services

Our design services can help you bring your vision to reality.

Featured Content

Infuse 019 - QTW89569 - Definity Broadloom


Infuse switches things up and gives these designers the chance to curate a selection of designs inspired by the trends in their territory or their surroundings, travels, and adventures.

Inspired 008 - 12PM990O - Tufted Broadloom


Inspired by Durkan is our chance to showcase a summary of those trends and how they apply to interior spaces.