Make design personal

Use Mohawk Group’s Personal Studio to recolor and personalize our running line products, visualize in photo-realistic room scenes and order electronic, printed and physical samples easily.

Create high-performance workspaces

EcoFlex ONE is the industry’s leading modular carpet solution. Its hydrophobic PET cushion, backing layers, and Duracolor Tricor fiber are engineered with your end-goals in mind: to optimize your investment, be sustainably made, and provide a better occupant experience.

Protect Employees & Customers

Utilizing flooring with minimal permeability is imperative to maintain human safety by preventing bacterial spread and growth. Click below to review an analysis on bacterial growth on vinyl versus polished concrete.

In The Know


Mohawk Group is proud to offer free, accredited digital CEU programming for commercial architects, designers, and end users.


Insights Paper

Acoustics play an important role in the satisfaction of employees. Learn about the importance of flooring selections for workplaces and how sound blocking and absorption are measured in flooring.


Learn how Mohawk Group uses the inspiration of fractals in nature to take a stress-reductive approach to design.