Infuse 025: Sayward Gregg

February 23, 2024 2:00 pm

How long have you been working in the Industry?
I've been working in the industry full-time for 5 years. 

What territory do you currently cover?
I cover Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. 

What is your earliest memory that motivated you to pursue a design career?
Watching my mother design carpet for hospitality sparked my interest at a young age which prompted me to pursue a degree in Textile Design. During my internship with Durkan in 2016, I was taught the custom design process from start to finish and quickly fell in love with it. As a creative, it was always a goal of mine for my work to be appreciated and utilized in a special way; and helping a client bring their concept to life for the first time did just that. 

What's been your design process when you develop this Infuse collection for Durkan?
In preparation to this Infuse collection, I spent months doing research on what was trending in the field. I was able to merge my findings with my own creative vision and began designing (to the point where I didn't want to put my pen down). One pattern led to another, and everything seemed to fall into place.  

When you are short on inspiration how do you reenergize; where do you go for inspiration?
When I am short on inspiration, I find it most beneficial to take a brief step back and listen to some classical music or look at some of my favorite artist's work on different social media platforms. Seeking a different perspective from our team of talented designers also helps from time to time, as we can merge our thoughts and share creative ideas with one another. 

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