Specify for A Cure

October 1, 2023 6:40 pm

Mohawk Group's Dedication to Fighting Breast Cancer: Our Inspiring Journey

Breast cancer is a battle that has touched the lives of many, and at Mohawk Group, we've made it our mission to stand by those affected. Our enduring partnership with Susan G. Komen® is not just a corporate initiative but a heartfelt commitment that has been a part of our journey since 2001. In this blog post, we're excited to share with you how Mohawk Group is making a difference in the fight against breast cancer through our Specify for a Cure® program.

A Partnership For a Cause

Our dedication to the fight against breast cancer runs deep. It's not just a cause; it's a personal journey for many of us within the Mohawk community, including our employees, architects, designers, and valued customers. Breast cancer has touched our lives, and we are determined to make a meaningful impact.

Specify for a Cure®: Your Power to Make a Difference

At the heart of our commitment lies the Specify for a Cure® program. This initiative allows you, our customers and supporters, to join us in this important battle. Here's how it works: when you specify eligible Mohawk Group products, we, in turn, make a donation on your behalf to Susan G. Komen®. It's a simple yet powerful way for you to contribute to a cause that matters deeply to us all.


A Personal Story from Rhiannon Adams, SVP Commercial Markets

“In an era where companies seek to contribute to meaningful causes and the greater good, I find our Specify for a Cure program in partnership with the Komen organization a terrific way of supporting men and women navigating very uncertain and stressful health situations.  I don’t know anyone untouched by cancer and the detrimental effects it can impose on both patients and caregivers.  I am so proud Mohawk has supported the Susan G. Komen foundation for 22 years as we all work together to find a cure for breast cancer.  Lastly, as a former commercial interior designer, programs like Specify for a Cure, are great ways to make your specs really count!


A Remarkable Milestone: More Than $1 Million Donated

We're thrilled to share a milestone achievement with you. For the first time ever, Mohawk Group has donated more than $1 million dollars to the Susan G. Komen® program in one year, for 2022-2023. This significant contribution is a testament to the impact that collective effort can make in the fight against breast cancer.


Royce Epstein, Director of Design, Shares Her Story
“Nine years ago, I faced the devastating news of a breast cancer diagnosis, a moment that forever altered my world. It served as a stark reminder of the profound importance of prevention and early detection. For those who have received a similar diagnosis, know that there is an abundance of help and support available.

Today, I am immensely proud to be a part of a company that, year-round, stands firmly with the Susan G. Komen foundation. Our partnership isn't just about financial resources; it's about providing hope to millions of breast cancer patients and their families.

I'm grateful to say that I am okay today, a testament to the progress we've made in fighting this disease. By specifying select flooring styles through our Specify for a Cure program, we give back to a program that extends a helping hand when it's needed most. This partnership means that, as a survivor, I can continue my design work every day knowing that together we are contributing to a world where breast cancer is less devastating and more hopeful."


Carpet for a Cure: Your Choices Matter

Since 2001, Mohawk Industries has contributed $9 million to Susan G. Komen® on behalf of our customers and employees. But we're not stopping there. You can actively participate in our mission. Specify at least 500 square yards from our eligible Mohawk Group carpet collections or any Durkan precision dye injection (PDI) carpets, and we'll donate $.15 per square yard of carpet sold. Your flooring choices can directly impact lives.

Resilient for the Cure: Every Square Foot Counts

Hard surface flooring enthusiasts, we haven't forgotten about you. You too can play a vital role in this battle. Specify at least 1,000 square feet of an eligible hard surface collection, and we'll donate $.02 per square foot of hard surface flooring sold. Every square foot counts towards a brighter future.

In conclusion, Mohawk Group's unwavering dedication to the fight against breast cancer through our Specify for a Cure® program is truly inspiring. By choosing our eligible products, you have the power to make a significant difference and contribute to the vital work of Susan G. Komen®. Together, we can bring hope, awareness, and support to those affected by breast cancer. Let's join hands in this remarkable journey towards a world without breast cancer.

Together, we are Flooring for Good.

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