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Data Tide

Turning The Tide

The convergence of freshwater and saltwater creates a unique ecosystem where salt marshes, mangroves, and sea grasses sequester Blue Carbon, support biodiversity, and protect coastal areas from erosion. Data Tide’s patterning is the graphic interpretation of the positive ecological influence of this Blue Carbon capture, translated visually through data sets.

A selection of 8 colorways references the confluence of estuaries, with gradations of colorways from light to dark that mimic transitioning waters. Three styles feature a combination of solid, heathered and twisted yarns for dimensional textures that celebrate the movement of water.


Designed With Data

The inspiration for Data Tide collection began with data. Mohawk Group designer Stacey Gerbman and A&D design director Royce Epstein gathered data sets* on the amount of Blue Carbon sequestered in ecosystems around the globe and then transformed the information into patterns using a custom-built data visualization tool.

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Designed To Work Together

Data Tide’s three coordinating patterns are designed to work together and independently in a product suite that maximizes your creative vision. Create defined areas within a large space quickly and seamlessly, in eight colorways that are shared across all styles.

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Designed To Make A Difference

Data Tide is an innovative carbon neutral carpet tile system that achieves Petal Certification through the Living Product Challenge. Mohawk Group is proud to do our part to conserve resources and preserve the environment. Our designers and engineers seek to develop products that are healthy and free of toxins, socially responsible and respectful of worker’s rights, and positively impact the environment.

Living Product Challenge
The Waterways Project

River health is human health. That’s why we’re launching The Waterways Project – a journey through new products, technologies and initiatives to help us better understand and give back to the living rivers that sustain us all. Discover how we’re expanding our efforts by working to make a greater positive impact on rivers and the life they make possible.

The Waterways Project