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One Story

Drawing From A Common Experience

Cultures throughout history have practiced storytelling as a way of passing down traditions, educating future generations, and preserving their history and place in the world. Storytelling can be a powerful tool, invigorating the senses through art, song and dance. It is through these special exchanges that we are able to recall beloved memories, break down barriers, draw from a common experience, and become part of One Story.

It is in the spirit of storytelling that Mohawk Group developed the One Story collection. This curated selection of 12 tonal colorways with subtle textures evoke a feeling of warm nostalgia. One Story honors the story tellers of the past and present, as we position the next generation to thrive and create more chapters of time-honored tales together with new favorites.


Story Weaver

Through the Story Weaver collection, Mohawk Group pays homage to the artisans of yesterday, today and tomorrow, both story tellers and craftsmen, as those who still seek to be heard. With two running line styles and seven custom designs, some patterns in Story Weaver exude familiarity and comfort while others feel new and exciting — together weaving a story of community.

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