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Open Narrative

Captivating & Intriguing

Many of the world’s greatest stories are those with open narratives that leave the audience captivated and intrigued. The same is true of elements found within the realms of art and design, as these stories guide us on emotional journeys. Mohawk Group’s Open Narrative is based on this same premise. The carpet collection includes a wide variety of patterns and colors that help guide a rich experience for end users by telling stories that create a sense of place.

Featuring Mohawk Group’s patented Synthesis PDI technology, designers have access to an expanded portfolio of cut and loop patterns with tremendous depth and richness. Crafting rich stories is easy with a low minimum order of 50 square yards, as designers can choose from some of our most popular traditional, contemporary, transitional and textural patterns to incorporate their own open narrative.


One Story

It is in the spirit of storytelling that Mohawk Group developed the One Story collection. This curated selection of 12 tonal colorways with subtle textures evoke a feeling of warm nostalgia. One Story honors the story tellers of the past and present, as we position the next generation to thrive and create more chapters of time-honored tales together with new favorites.

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Story Weaver

Through the Story Weaver collection, Mohawk Group pays homage to the artisans of yesterday, today and tomorrow, both story tellers and craftsmen, as those who still seek to be heard. With two running line styles and seven custom designs, some patterns in Story Weaver exude familiarity and comfort while others feel new and exciting — together weaving a story of community.

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Synthesis is a patented carpet technology from Mohawk that lets designers combine texture and pattern to create a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet designs. Choose a custom base and combine with a precision dye injection (PDI) design from Mohawk’s vast library of thousands of patterns. Contact your Mohawk rep to learn more.

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