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Urban Shores

Pattern Perfect Broadloom

Throughout history, rivers have driven the evolution of urban development. Some of the oldest cities were built near these waterways for transportation, energy and trade. River influence on cities inspired Mohawk Group’s Urban Shores, a new collection of two running-line broadloom styles – Drifting Current and Floating Forms – and 13 digital patterns that can be customized with low 250 yd2 minimums.

As part of The Waterways Project, the collection fosters a symbiotic relationship with rivers and interior spaces by encouraging respect for and protection of our water ecosystems. Mohawk Group’s Pattern Perfect tufting technology brings these biophilic patterns to life through precision color placement with exceptional definition and clarity. 


Running Line Styles

Low Minimum Custom Patterns

In addition to the two running line patterns in the Urban Shores collection, there are even more designs available for only 250SY through Personal Studio.


Personal Studio

Introducing p.s., our innovative design personalization tool that allows you to put your own flair to our running line products, so you can make designs as unique as your project.

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The Waterways Project

River health is human health. That’s why we’re launching The Waterways Project – a journey through new products, technologies and initiatives to help us better understand and give back to the living rivers that sustain us all. Discover how we’re expanding our efforts by working to make a greater positive impact on rivers and the life they make possible.

The Waterways Project