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Yarn Spinner

An Ode To The Spinners of Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Yarn spinning is a process that goes back thousands of years and spans all cultures across the globe. Today these yarns spin a story of the past, providing insight into the lives of our ancestors. Through many generations the craft has stood the test of time, though now disrupted and far removed — having evolved from humble handcrafted beginnings to become more modern industrial and technological marvels.

As technology and industry have taken over so many aspects of our lives, we are seeing a cultural shift toward appreciation back to craft and the handmade. Here, we look to the patterns and textures of the past for inspiration and guidance for the future. The patterning within the Yarn Spinner carpet collection reflects a wide range of colors and styles while paying respect to the spinners of yesterday, today and tomorrow


One Story

It is in the spirit of storytelling that Mohawk Group developed the One Story collection. This curated selection of 12 tonal colorways with subtle textures evoke a feeling of warm nostalgia. One Story honors the story tellers of the past and present, as we position the next generation to thrive and create more chapters of time-honored tales together with new favorites.

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Story Weaver

Through the Story Weaver collection, Mohawk Group pays homage to the artisans of yesterday, today and tomorrow, both story tellers and craftsmen, as those who still seek to be heard. With two running line styles and seven custom designs, some patterns in Story Weaver exude familiarity and comfort while others feel new and exciting — together weaving a story of community.

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Synthesis is a patented carpet technology from Mohawk that lets designers combine texture and pattern to create a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet designs. Choose a custom base and combine with a precision dye injection (PDI) design from Mohawk’s vast library of thousands of patterns. Contact your Mohawk rep to learn more.

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