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Definity InStock

Simple Mohawk Group Area Rug Program Ordering

Definity In-Stock offers three award-winning patterns giving architects and designers a seamless ordering process to achieve their vision with broadloom and area rug formats in a few easy steps:

  1. Select pattern from three available styles shown.
  2. Determine the size for your rug (L x W) or Broadloom (sq. yd.).
  3. Submit information along with ship-to details in one of three ways:

Program Guidelines

  • 15’ width only Broadloom & Rugs
  • Broadloom roll sizes not guaranteed
  • Maximum rug size 15’ x 45’
  • No one rug will be identical to another


Goonj Revival

Color 969 | Repeat 15' W x 15' L - Full Repeat Shown

Lakir Revival

Color 745 | Repeat 15' W x 15' L - Full Repeat Shown

Structure Revival - 978