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The Art of Graphics

Graafika in Estonian means the art of graphics or printmaking. The collection features images primarily expressed with lines, shading, and spots that give rise to tonal nuances. This technique is inextricably merged with the art of hinting, which leaves the viewer room for imagination. The Graafika collection is bold, exciting, and imaginative, like a winding river that rushes forward, meeting adventures on its way.

Graafika has limitless constructions and applications, bringing hospitality flooring down new paths. This stunning collection is offered in Definity, Pattern Perfect, PDI tile, and Tufted Broadloom. They all incorporate soft blending techniques and advanced multilevel cuts and loops provided by Durkan’s Definity and Pattern Perfect technology.



Definity Patterns

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PDI Tile Patterns

Tufted Patterns

Personal Studio

Introducing p.s., our innovative design personalization tool that allows you to put your own flair to our running line products, so you can make designs as unique as your project.

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The Waterways Project

River health is human health. That’s why we’re launching The Waterways Project – a journey through new products, technologies and initiatives to help us better understand and give back to the living rivers that sustain us all. Discover how we’re expanding our efforts by working to make a greater positive impact on rivers and the life they make possible.

The Waterways Project
Meet The Designer

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Yelena is an avid painter and received her BFA degree from Moscow State Pedagogical University. Following her relocation to the USA, she started exhibiting her artwork throughout the Washington DC area.

For over 20 years, Yelena has been working as a custom carpet designer, with custom CYP, hand-tufted, axminster, tufted, hand-knotted, and outdoor rugs experience.

Meet Yelena Rodina