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From The Past To The Future

Influunt collection is a passionate interaction between abstract paintings and Jacobean embroidery patterns. Based upon experience of traditional textile art, the collection employs advanced design techniques to transform flat tapestry into multi-dimensional textured carpet.

Like pearl strands, delicate lace ornament weaves into contemporary expressional brushstroke and watercolor paintings, helping to build bridges between past and present.

The history is threaded through the collection awaking personal emotions and poetic spirit.

2020 best of year reward honoree




Influunt is featured in Definity, Durkan’s exclusive manufacturing technology which surpasses traditional luxury carpet by offering multi-level textures, more than twice the definition, superior performance and unmatched sustainability.

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Spectra Fit

Durkan's SpectraFit pattern match technology allows you to scale up any design to meet the needs of your space. Hotel owners & guests can enjoy dramatic, large patterns with near infinite design capabilities.

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VIS Studio

Durkan’s award-winning Visual Interactive Studio (VIS) provides 2D floor perspectives, 3D room scenes, and high-resolution renderings of designers’ unique flooring creations, culminating in a fully immersive virtual experience.

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Meet The Designer

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Yelena is an avid painter and received her BFA degree from Moscow State Pedagogical University. Following her relocation to the USA, she started exhibiting her artwork throughout the Washington DC area.

For over 20 years, Yelena has been working as a custom carpet designer, with custom CYP, hand-tufted, axminster, tufted, hand-knotted, and outdoor rugs experience.

Meet Yelena Rodina

“I would be lying if I said that INFLUUNT was inspired by something. It was totally and purely emotional. A poetic experience. Sometimes the universe sends us signs. For instance, during quarantine I had a problem with my internet one day. No technology, complete isolation. What could I do?  I turned to my love of painting and experimenting with different techniques. I poured the paint on paper, took a big brush and briskly swept the paint, making the brush dance, and captured the movement that only exists for a fragile moment. Broad, broken brush strokes revealed the texture of the paper, while wet paint blended into dry strokes creating an impulsive, unpredictable experience.  Trying to translate the expressions through painting is an exciting process that helps me to enhance visual effect and create a mood.“

Product Specifications

Pile Fiber
100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Surface Texture
Cut, Loop, Multilevel Loop, Multilevel Cut & Loop
Up to 15’
Number of Colors
Tufted Pile Weight
Tufted Per Inch
10 through 24
Country of Origin
Made in USA
15 Year
TARR Rating
Soil & Stain Protection
EcoSentry Treatment
Attached Pad
End of Life
100% Recyclable