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Taking Odds

Hit the Jackpot on Style, Performance and Flexibility

Taking Odds makes it simple to achieve rich flooring designs for your casino or gaming centers, with the convenience and durability of Durkan carpet tile.

Taking Odds PDI carpet tile also maximizes the lifespan of your floor. Simply swap out individual tiles when needed, eliminating the disruption and expense of replacing a large area of flooring. The carpet is designed for high performance and features an attached cushion that delivers greater comfort underfoot as well as improved acoustics.

From beautiful design to incredible functionality, Taking Odds delivers a winning combination.



Winning color combinations – every room, every time.

Mix and match 25 high-definition patterns created with our Precision Dye Injection (PDI) technology and unique Synthesis textures. Choose from six color groupings or customize your patterns with a palette all your own.

Precision Dye Injection Tile (PDI)

Durkan’s Digital PDI technology is the next generation of high-definition design. Now available in carpet tile, PDI tile provides limitless options and unprecedented image quality.

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Personal Studio

Introducing p.s., our innovative design personalization tool that allows you to put your own flair to our running line products, so you can make designs as unique as your project.

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