Durkan Infuse
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Durkan Infuse

Infusion of Inspiration

Durkan's custom design team consists of designers in both the studio and the field. They have crafted a unique set of design skills responding to design briefs generated from interior designers who are working to create a particular aesthetic for a variety of hospitality spaces. Infuse switches things up and gives these designers the chance to curate a selection of designs inspired by the trends in their territory or their surroundings, travels, and adventures.

Infuse shares some of our favorite hidden gems that can be manufactured across a variety of platforms including Definity, CYP, PDI, tufted broadloom and carpet tile.


Featured Artist Yvonne Snowden

About Yvonne Snowden

Yvonne Snowden, from the Light Lab in Dalton, GA, has 25 years of invaluable experience in the carpet industry. Working closely with the team that developed the first Computerized Yarn Place machine (CYP), Yvonne gathers inspiration for her designs from art exhibits, repurposing vintage items, travel. As our Senior Designer for the South Central Region, Mohawk Group is thrilled to have the talent and insight that Yvonne brings to all her collections.

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