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Mary Champaneri

A Closer Look at Mary

How long have you been working in the Industry?
I worked with Durkan previously for nine years as a carpet designer back in 2002 and I am excited to have recently rejoined this wonderful design team in March of 2020.

What territory do you currently cover?
Las Vegas, Nevada

What inspires you professionally?
My main inspiration comes from my family’s deeply rooted background in the art of rug design and weaving. My grandfather was a talented artist and rug designer and my grandmother would hand-weave the rugs. They have several pieces currently displayed in museums. My father is an antique rug expert and my parents have been in the rug business for over 50 years, so growing up as a child I was exposed to the beauty and artistry of rug design from a very young age and these influences led me to discover my passion for art and design. To have the opportunity to design carpet as a career is a sentimental and special privilege.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
It’s honestly a blessing to have a career where I get to do something that I am so passionate about. I love to create and I love all the challenges and the experience that comes with every project. It also makes me happy when my clients are happy!

What are your most favorite things on your desk?
I like to keep my desk neat and organized, however, I do have a few items around that bring me comfort and inspiration, such as, my favorite flowers (white hydrangeas and roses), a scented candle, a framed photo of my kids and a small block with an inspirational quote inscripted on it.

When you are short on inspiration how do you reenergize; where do you go for inspiration?
Whenever I need to re-energize, I like to do some form of exercise such as yoga or going for a long walk. It helps clear my mind and make room for creativity. There is so much beauty and inspiration in the world around us. I especially find inspiration from architecture, nature and all forms of art.

What made you decide to showcase the trend/designs that you selected?
When creating these patterns, my intention was to develop designs that are unique and aesthetically appealing. The inspiration to these designs come from a combination of things from architecture and ancient elements, textures on natural stone, florals, to geometrics and inkblot art. I chose a bold color palette with contrasting colors, variations of neutral gray tones and accents of rich teals and golds to enhance the elegance of the designs. The experimental process in creating the infusion of these design elements was very intriguing; I love the challenge of mixing unexpected elements. I wanted to achieve designs that evoke opulence with a modern, abstract twist.


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