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Precision Dye Injection

An Interchangeable Design Landscape

Set your imagination free with our new PDI tile program. Designs that can transform any space into an interchangeable design landscape.

Durkan’s state-of-the-art Precision Dye Injection (PDI) technology for carpet tile combines the best of both worlds: high resolution pattern design and customization with up to 12 colors and the added wear and maintenance advantages of modular flooring. PDI tile allows you to create enduring pattern combinations and easy-to-install formats while increasing longevity with selective replacement of individual damaged tiles instead of the entire floor.

Available in 12”x36” and 24”x24”


  • Bases: Shaka – 20oz Synthesis base
    Beach Breaker – 36oz Synthesis base
    Second Wave – 36 oz Synthesis base
  • Sizes: 24"x24"
  • Lead Time: 5 weeks
  • Yarn: Colorstrand
  • Backing: NXT Air
  • Square Yard Min: 133
  • Sampled on soft back at size requested

  • Bases: Any of our active Synthesis bases can be converted into tile.
  • Sizes: 24"x24"
  • Lead Time: 10 weeks
  • Yarn: Colorstrand
  • Backing: NXT Air
  • Square Yard Min: 1500

Durkan Transpositions

Explore our pre-vetted design options or create custom patterns that can be used on our running line bases or a customized base.

Explore Transpositions

Synthesis is a patented carpet technology from Durkan that lets designers combine texture and pattern to create a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet designs. Choose a custom base and combine with a precision dye injection (PDI) design from Durkan’s vast library of thousands of patterns. Contact your Durkan rep to learn more.

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