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The ALL-IN-ONE Flooring Solution

Solving all your flooring challenges with one complete solution is now possible with EcoFlex ONE. This state-of-the-art backing system combines with the advanced engineering of Duracolor© Tricor fiber to deliver modular carpet that leads the industry in durability, cleanability, performance, and sustainability.


The ALL-IN-ONE Flooring Solution

Every element in the EcoFlex ONE construction has purpose, and combined they form the industry’s leading modular carpet solution. The hydrophobic PET cushion, backing layers, and Duracolor Tricor fiber are engineered with your endgoals in mind: to optimize your investment, be sustainably made, and provide a better occupant experience.​

Noise in a space can have a range of negative impacts, from reducing productivity at work, to preventing students from understanding their teacher, to increasing stress in healthcare patients and senior living residents.​

EcoFlex ONE helps you control and improve the acoustics in your spaces, actively reducing both in-room and structure-borne noise. The integrated cushion absorbs more sound and prevents its transmission to adjacent rooms.

By giving occupants a quieter environment, you’re helping to boost concentration, improve speech intelligibility, and promote wellness, delivering a calmer, more supportive experience in your spaces. ​

Comfort for Standing and Walking​

Extended periods of standing or walking are well-known causes of discomfort and fatigue, which negatively impact a person’s efficiency and productivity. EcoFlex ONE provides a cushioned platform to reduce fatigue and help occupants feel more comfortable for longer periods of time.​

Worry Free Installation

High-moisture concrete slabs are a common condition in today’s buildings, often requiring costly mitigation and delaying occupancy. Likewise, slabs with existing adhesives often require the added time and expense of adhesive removal to prevent flooring failure.

EcoFlex ONE removes concerns related to subfloor moisture and old adhesive residue, allowing installation on high-moisture slabs and over existing adhesives. EcoFlex ONE can even be installed without any moisture testing, provided there are no visible signs of moisture.