A Path to Stress Reduction


Mohawk Group is developing flooring collections that embrace a central methodology from nature, called fractals, and bring it into contract interiors. These patterns highlight the harmony and order that exist all around us and our vision has become fluent in nature’s visual language of fractals. We are hard-wired to look for these patterns, and, when our subconscious recognizes them, we feel calmer, and our stress levels are reduced. 


Fractal Vision

In basing design on the stress-reductive quality found in fractals, 13&9 Design, Fractals Research, and Mohawk Group are tapping into our deep-seated desire to see patterns, to connect to nature, and to have more relaxing environments in which we live and work.

13&9 Design


For Anastasija and Martin Lesjak of 13&9 Design, buildings should help to take users out of their daily routines for them to experience environmental connectivity. As architects and designers, their team seeks to apply holistic design that puts human needs and environmental responsibility at the core of their work. 


Fractals Research


Richard Taylor heads an international team of scientists who study the positive psychological, physiological and neurological responses to natural patterns. By exploring the benefits of natural patterns, he and his researchers show that people’s stress levels reduce by as much as 60% when looking at fractals.  

Mohawk Group


Mohawk Group is passionate about sustainability, how products are made and what they deliver to the marketplace. The company is committed to understanding the science behind design and creating spaces for decompressing and getting away from the overload of technology we are live in every day. 

Fractal Vision: A Stress Reductive Approach to the Built-Environment


Listen to the recorded CEU that was presented live at NeoCon 2021. Design can be a tool to solve the challenges of an increasingly digitized society and help end users find balance between nature and built environments, especially commercial spaces. Attendees of this presentation will explore this approach to design by using fractal concepts, and learn how to integrate finishes and overall structures based on stress-reductive patterning using real-world examples.



mellowD is one of two styles within the 12”x 36” carpet plank collection that mimic eye movements that occur as we view a natural landscape. Style mellowD utilizes a line-shaped seed which repeats at different magnifications. 




The second style within the 12”x 36” carpet plank collection, chillD, incorporates patterns using a computerized growth process to design fractals that reduce stress, as discovered during scientific studies. The plank visual is grounded by triangular segment-shaped seeds.  



Starting from a high-resolution image of electrical wires of the human body, Mohawk Group designers selected an area with a pleasing pattern and pleasant properties for a seamless pattern match. Those neuron formations were then reduced to their outlines to create restD, which is a visualization of the fractals that exist within our own bodies.


Fractal Ground


Fractal Ground offers a coordinating organic groundcover visual that may be used with any of the other patterns or by itself.



With layers consisting of a three-part line repeated at multiple scales, lineD creates subtle intersections across the floor, like twigs on the ground as you walk through a forest. Based on Dr. Richard Taylor´s research, the fractals provide a dynamic that our eyes pick up fluently, leading to relaxing effects.




Built up from small squares, squareD is a geometric interpretation of stone formations on the ground, with their subtle punctuations and soft gridding. The resulting fractal pattern decreases stress levels by prompting the same eye movements as occur when we observe nature.