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Large & Local

A Biophilic Connection to Place

Large & Local is an innovative luxury vinyl tile platform that seeks to connect back to place. Featuring four styles, Large & Local Wood, Reforestation, Rendered Flax and Rugged Foundation, these versatile tiles are well-suited for all segments.

The large planks, ranging from 6” x 48” to 9.25” x 59”, utilize our certified manufacturing recycling process to repurpose 100% of our post-industrial material into new product and divert it from landfills. Large & Local also features our innovative M-Force Ultra performance for industry-leading scratch, stain and dent resistance – to keep your floors looking better longer.


Rendered Flax

Harkening back to some of the earliest forms of interiors textiles and linens, Rendered Flax LVT draws you in and makes you feel wrapped in the warmth of home. Organic hatched visuals pair perfectly with the leathery, color washed visuals from Large & Local Rugged Foundation.

Download The Rendered Flax Brochure
Rugged Foundation

Rugged Foundation LVT is a celebration of the primitive hues of natural interiors. The palette ranges from warm earth to cool watery tones and pairs well with the soft hatched and clean linear cloth visuals of Large & Local Rendered Flax.

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A celebration of our continent’s biodiverse regions, Reforestation LVT provides a selection of visuals from tree species across North America. The regions and trees tie directly to owl habitats from our Owls carpet tile collection, building a natural ecosystem of products for biophilic design.

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Large & Local Wood

Large & Local Wood features eight clean wood visuals with minimal graining and eight rustic visuals with coarse graining and circle sawn texture. As a celebration of place each color is named after a local mountain gap or destination located near our North Georgia resilient production facility.

Download The Large & Local Wood Brochure