• infuse 001
    Infuse 001
    The floral elements were designed to just melt in and quietly create the flow of calm movement with some surprises to look for underneath.
  • Infuse 002 - QTW65867
    Infuse 002
    Inspired by the chance to curate a selection of designs inspired by the trends in the designer's territory or their surroundings, travels, and adventures.
  • Infuse 003 - QTW67052
    Infuse 003
    Inspired by texture in other varieties of fabric.
  • Infuse 004 - R12G502
    Infuse 004
    Themes within the collection include water, rain, and fog, Native American culture, canoes and rivers.
  • Infuse 005 - QTW75140
    Infuse 005
    This collection is a representation of the vibratory and cosmic forces in the Universe abroad and within us.
  • Infuse 006 - QTW75490
    Infuse 006
    Infuse 006 was inspired by the glamour and luxury of Art Deco, that are lacking in our daily life.
  • Infuse 007 - QTW76747
    Infuse 007
    Designed to be a rethink of old florals found in the archives, this collection uses geometrics to create a simplified/updated take on florals.
  • Infuse 008 - QTW65937
    Infuse 008
    Taken from an older unpublished collection, Infuse 008 was designed to bring parts of it back to life by adding textures and updating the color palate.
  • Infuse 009 - D79100
    Infuse 009
    Infuse 009 pays homage to all of these craftspeople – ancient and modern, anonymous or famous.
  • Infuse 010 - D76503
    Infuse 010
    Designed to bring fresh and new alternatives to the gaming scene.
  • Infuse 011 - QTW81715
    Infuse 011
    Starting with inks and bleach on paper, Infuse 011 was created to mimic the forms and color in the ocean.
  • Infuse 012 - QTW78369
    Infuse 012
    Designed to create patterns that possessed a hand-crafted undertone.
  • Infuse 013 - QTW83675
    Infuse 013
    Created by fusing beautiful traditional Indian patterns and textures from nature, this Infuse collection explores intricacies in details, and layers them to mimic the different layers of culture.
  • Infuse 014 - QTW83407
    Infuse 014
    The collection brings outdoors and natural flow of elements to indoor applications.
  • Infuse 015 - QTW85251
    Infuse 015
    Designed to achieve patterns that evoke opulence with a modern, abstract twist.
  • Infuse 016 - QTW86133
    Infuse 016
    Inspired by the phenomenon called alpenglow; when the sun sets against or in front of the mountains so that the mountains glow pinks, golds, and blue. The angles of rocks and trees are illuminated bright with reds and golds contrasted by shadows of hard angles of deep blues.
  • Infuse 017 - QTW86507
    Infuse 017
    Brought to life through the inspiration of Art History archives.
  • Infuse 018 -12CB945N
    Infuse 018
    This collection was inspired by a blending of retro and modern Floridian architecture, patterning, and color.
  • Infuse 019 - CT90789 - CT90790
    Infuse 019
    Repetitive marks and lines with watercolors were organically combines to create designs that could feel imperfect and hand made.
  • Infuse 020 - QTW90554
    Infuse 020
    Inspired by the landscape and ceramic traditions of Japan. Dropping glazes merge with abstracted floral elements and concentric geometric shapes to form a luxurious group of designs
  • Infuse 021 - QTW92257
    Infuse 021
    This collection explores floral motifs in a new fashion with crocheted line-work, a choice that maximizes textural illusion by its delicate complexity while complementing an already textural platform such as Definity.
  • Infuse 022
    Infuse 022
    This collection combines soft, watercolor-like florals and sharp, fragmented surfaces. The orchids symbolize elegance and beauty, while the harsh shapes and angles disrupt this fluidity. The integration of these elements creates a juxtaposition between the organic and geometric; beauty in imperfection.
  • Infuse 023
    This collection is inspired by various forms and silhouettes of foliage. Considering shadow, negative space, and transparency, the following designs bring elements of the outdoors in.
  • Infuse 024
    Inspired by the paintings of Molly Grant, Infuse 024 is an eclectic fusion of Bauhaus and mid-century modern elements combined with a contemporary handling of color and texture.
  • Infuse 025
    Infuse 025
    Discover the tranquil harmony of Japanese florals and geometric patterns in our Infuse 025 collection.