Emergent Thinking

We’re going beyond biophilic design and sustainability, applying eco-intelligence and fostering symbiosis between natural and human communities. We’re using digital experiences to innovative solutions for people, place, and planet. Through design, we’re turning imagination into action, and emerging towards a future that is more secure, healthy, and just for all.

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Experience it in person

Four of the works were commissioned to explore the inspiration behind our collections’ theme, Emergent Thinking. The works present unique visions of mycelium and mushrooms, a powerful illustration of the interconnectedness that exists between our natural, built, and digital environments. The fifth work was the inspiration for Chromatic Cadence and the collection’s exploration of color and music.

Virtual Reality

At our showrooms, you can explore your flooring options in photorealistic environments with our state-of-the-art, fully immersive virtual reality system. Contact your local Mohawk Group sales representative to experience this amazing VR tool for yourself.

Enter now for your chance to win!

This year, people who take a #selfeet on any Mohawk Group product and post it to Instagram will be entered for a chance to win a Stella McCartney bag made of mycelium, valued at $2,600! Click the button below to find out how you can win.

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Meet Lindsey Holcomb

A passionate artist and advocate, Lindsey is an inspiration for those living with Multiple Sclerosis and chronic illness. As a child, she was always working on a project...whether it was illustrating a story, creating polymer clay fairies or dragons, or crafting a violin out of a kleenex box. She put great focus into studying violin through college, but, Lindsey expresses, “I returned to art in my early twenties as a way to cope with a stressful job, challenging myself to find something that gave me the same feeling of wonder as a child.”

Meet Michael Van Huffel

Michael Van Huffel enjoyed a successful career as an artist, animator, Creative Director, and musician. His career got a jumpstart when he began working with the musician Prince, as a staff artist, and eventually Art Director. He also has also worked in motion design, TV and movies, and served as Creative Director for numerous projects in advertising and entertainment.

Meet Laria Saunders

Laria creates digital photo assemblage paintings, each one a combination of digital paint work and 50-100 photographs of textures. “To me, the most fascinating aspect of the mushroom is the mycelium ... a vast network between all plant life, enabling a form of communication and a sharing of resources. Perhaps, this network is what makes the healing aspects of mushrooms so powerful.”

Meet Yvette

Her desire to create familiarity and comfort within spaces has influenced her paintings in a profound way. “Although my family is what’s most important in my life, painting is what really keeps me going,” she explains. “It reminds me that I am not limited due to my disabilities. I can paint every story I feel.”

Meet Connie Avery

Connie’s art is a reflection of her experiences, her family, and her vision. Connie lives with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher’s Syndrome, diseases which progressively reduce her ability to see and hear. Connie's style is inspired by the art of her late brother, who created stained glass windows. The thrill of seeing colors, lights, and atmospheric shadows and highlights inspires her to push her art to new levels.

Color and Design Vision 2023: Emergent

Presented by: Royce Epstein

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 12PM ET
We are at a crossroads with how to respond to the profound changes in society today. Under the weight of post-pandemic shifts affecting climate crisis, sustainable development, global health, human rights, resources, and supply chains, conflicts between nations, and many other challenges, humanity will emerge differently. In fact, new worlds are emerging now, as they always have throughout history, that show a new path forward.

Accredited For: IDCDC / AIA

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The Future of


Design has shaped our lives, but what influences the design process? From cave paintings to digital art, mediums have evolved. Initially, digital art faced criticism, but it gained acceptance. Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a dominant force, empowering people to create remarkable art. AI's impact extends beyond art to all design fields. This discussion explores the implications for designers, addressing whether they should embrace or fear this revolution.

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Designing the Future by Redesigning Our Roles

The future of the design industry as we currently know it is at risk with the rise of technology that renders jobs, roles, and processes obsolete. The counterpoint is also true, where the status-quo is hindering change for the greater good.

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