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NeoCon 2022

Thank you for Visiting Us!

We were happy to see you at NeoCon 2022! Keep up with all things Mohawk Group on our new website and socials! Incase you missed what we showed, take a look below and don’t forget to download a FREE ArtLifting screensaver with the button below!

As part of our Better Together initiative, we are partnering with ArtLifting to champion artists who are impacted by housing insecurity or disabilities. ArtLifting provides a platform and creates opportunities for these underrepresented artists to amplify their voices and participate in the contemporary art market.

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Meet Charlie French

Charlie creates impressive abstract works, tapping into his imagination and finding delight in the process as well as the finished product. He is a prolific painter, and when asked about his process responds: "I like colors and shapes. Sometimes I do (paint) a lot. Sometimes not. I don’t think about it. I have fun.” And this is the key to Charlie’s process in that painting is fundamentally and powerfully a positive and therapeutic experience.

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Social Canvas

Social Canvas conveys the expression and poignancy of Charlie French’s abstract painterly style. Encompassing multiple carpet styles, each viewed as a different canvas, the collection spans chunky and smooth textures, incorporating colorful brushwork and a refined palette. .

Coming September 2022

Fractal Fluency

13&9 Design, Mohawk Group, and Dr. Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon and Fractals Research developed the Fractal Fluency Collection, delivering a geometric abstraction of natural fractal environments, such as tree branches and stone landscapes. The design concept is based on the “fractal fluency” model, which declares that human vision has become fluent in the visual language of nature’s fractals and can process their features efficiently, creating an aesthetic experience accompanied by a decrease in the observer’s physiological stress-levels.


Timeless Tailored

Mirroring the classic tweed, twill and detailing of pant suits, our Timeless Tailored collection of modular carpet tile brings an air of sophistication to your floor. With subtle movement, texture and dimension, three styles in eight colorways can be used in tandem to create versatile spaces that stand the test of time


Pattern of Time

Walking into an artist’s studio, the evidence of creation goes beyond the canvas. It affects the space itself, drips and sprays of paint lingering behind. It is often beautiful if perhaps unintentional. This is the concept behind Pattern of Time, a new addition to the Large & Local LVT collection from Mohawk Group. Combining the comfort and tradition of a wood grain floor with unique and inventive emergence of color throughout, this flooring solution brings a sense of individuality to any commercial space.

Coming August 2022​