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PDI Today

Ships Within 10 Business Days*

The Mohawk and Durkan Today program offers a variety of eye-catching PDI (precision dye injected) broadloom patterns with chic styling — all available to ship within 10 business days*.

Choose from some of our most popular traditional, contemporary, transitional and textural patterns to help you easily coordinate with the design of any space.

Orders from 50 to 2500 SY can be produced and shipped in 10 business days. Only add 1 additional week for attached cushion. For expedited shipping on orders larger than 2500 SY or for additional information, please contact your sales representative.

*From date of credited approval


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Featuring Mohawk Group’s patented Synthesis PDI technology, this carpet collection includes a wide variety of patterns and colors that help guide a rich experience for end users by telling stories that create a sense of place.

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Yarn Spinner

Yarn spinning is a process that goes back thousands of years and spans all cultures across the globe. Today these yarns spin a story of the past, providing insight into the lives of our ancestors.

Durkan Select

From the leading manufacturer of hospitality flooring, Durkan Select is a line of coordinating, high-quality products that are created to work perfectly with your design and budget. Explore a large selection of Precision Dye Injected (PDI) carpet, broadloom, and carpet tile to find the right flooring solution.

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Synthesis Technology

All cut and loop patterns in the Running Line PDI program utilize our patented Synthesis technology which allows the product to have a unique layering effect that brings tremendous depth and richness to carpet design. Proudly made in the USA, these styles have shorter lead times and lower shipping charges while offering first-class design options.

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Product Specifications

Synthesis 36 – Second Wave - SY023
Face Yarn
12' standard | 10' and 15' widths available
Dye Method
Precision Dye Injected
Pattern Repeat
18” (W) x 19.5” (L)
Pile Thickness
.200” (5.08 mm)
Bleach Resistance Technology