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Personal Studio

Create Your Personalized Projects

Welcome to your Personal Studio (p.s.), our interactive visualization and personalization platform that allows you to create personalized flooring solutions for any and every contract project. With p.s. you can recolor and personalize our running line products, visualize in photo-realistic room scenes and order electronic, printed and physical samples easily.

Experience this game-changing technology and see how we can work together to streamline your next design project.

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General Navigation Tutorial

Kick start your experience on Personal Studio by watching this video to learn the basic navigation of this design and visualization tool.

Ordering Samples

Easily order electronic, printed or physical samples of the product you personalized and recolored.

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Personalize PDI and Broadloom

Choose a PDI or Broadloom style and recolor the pattern to match your project needs.

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Personalize CYP, Definity, and Commercial Broadloom

Choose a CYP, Definity, or Commercial Broadloom style and put your own flair by recoloring the pattern to match your project design.

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