Mohawk Group Launches Painted Perspectives

June 10, 2022 1:00 pm

Durkan Launches Painted Perspectives Carpet Collection in Collaborationwith ArtLifting

CHICAGO, IL. June 10, 2022 — Mohawk Group’s Durkan Hospitality announces the launch of Painted Perspectives, a collection that expresses the inclusive power of art and its ability to create communities. Painted Perspectives brings together divergent artistic styles, putting them in conversation and celebrating the beauty that emerges from a shared practice of visual arts.

The soft surface collection developed from the work of two artists, Alicia Sterling Beach and Scott Benner, both of whom are part of the ArtLifting community.

ArtLifting champions artists who are impacted by housing insecurity or disabilities by providing a platform to amplify their voices and participate in the contemporary art market.Each artist is valued to participate, respected for their diversity, and compensated for the use of their work, as well as support of the organization’s mission. ArtLifting’s co-founder and CEO Liz Powers says “My goal is to make their invisible talents visible and by doing so, change stereotypes. Instead of defining people by their circumstance, we should define them by their talent.”Through this partnership, Mohawk hopes to provide deeper purpose of design through art, emotional connection, and action.

“With Painted Perspectives, we are uniting two artistic views—two completely different processes—and exploring the synergy of those perspectives as they come together to create something new,” said Arnavaz Barshan, Durkan’s director of design.

Designers from our in-house studio were inspired by the work of Beach and Benner and created carpet patterns that integrated layers, textures, and techniques from the artists.Drawing onBeach’s work, stylesexpress asense of fluidity, the soft play of light on elements in nature, and a striking mix of color. From Benner’s work comes a sense of drama and structure built up from crispdetail, and an interplayof nature and geometry. Certain stylesput one artist’s workin greater focus, while otherstylesfully unite them intoonemulti-faceted aesthetic. Designers can deploy thestyles acrossdifferent spaces to composeuniquestories for their interiors.

Further assisting the design process, stylesare offered in a variety ofconstructions to suit the needs of different hospitality environments. Designers can choose from Definity, PDI tile, Pattern Perfect and tufted broadloom, ensuring the bestflooring solution for different spaces.With Painted Perspectives, self-expression becomes an inspiring basis for community. Through itsartistic confluence of diverse views, the collection helps designers advancethe inclusive work of hospitality spaces.

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About Durkan 

From the hotel lobby and corridors to guest rooms and ballrooms, casinos and areas of assisted living facilities, Durkan is world-renowned as an industry leader in innovative design solutions and high-style, high-performance hospitalityflooring solutions. Durkan’s products are offered in a wide range of exclusive innovative pattern and texture technologies, including Definity™, an advanced generation precision sculpturing technology that produces the highest definition of texture, pattern and color available in hospitality carpet; and Synthesis™, which provides a three-dimensional layering effect using a custom base and Precision Dye Injected (PDI) surface that enables unprecedented image quality. Durkan is the hospitality brand of Mohawk Group, a leading commercial flooring manufacturer and a pioneer in the design of sustainable flooring.

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