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Product Transparency

Mohawk embraces transparency and is leading the industry in product transparency, which is now fully embedded in LEED, Living Building Challenge and the WELL Building Standard.

Through third party verification, Mohawk holds current and relevant certifications and labels that illustrate our commitment to transparency and healthy interior environments. Within our transparency portfolio, we have Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Declare labels, and a comprehensive selection of products that meet the stringent requirements of these standards. We also have third party certified recycled content certificates for all of our products. In addition, Mohawk participates in UL’s product lens certification.


Attribute and Certificates

View a comparison of the sustainability attributes and certifications for Mohawk Group and Durkan product platforms.

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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive, internationally standard report that documents the ways in which a product, throughout its lifecycle, affects the environment. EPDs help customers better understand a product's sustainable qualities and environmental repercussions so they can make more informed product selections.

An EPD tells the complete story of a product in a single, written report, including information about a product's environmental impact, such as raw material extraction, energy use, air, soil and water emissions, water use and waste generation. EPDs distill complicated information to empower our customers, architects and designers, procurement agents and consumers to make informed decisions. EPDs can be developed after a product lifecycle assessment (LCA) is conducted, and are based on applicable product category rules (PCRs). Mohawk's EPDs are third-party verified. They include information on the following topics:

  • Material Content
  • Recycled Content
  • Service Life
  • Global Warming Potential
  • Water Consumption
  • Emissions to air and water
  • Waste generation
  • Ozone depletion potential
  • Respiratory effects

View our EPDs and EPD Transparency Briefs:

Health Product Declaration

A Health Product Declaration™ (HPD) is a standard format for reporting product ingredients and associated health information. The HPD objectively provides the critical information needed to support accurate supply chain disclosure and informed decisions by building designers, specifiers, owners, and users.

The Health Product Declaration™ format was developed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative™ which is composed of product manufacturers and building experts. Mohawk is actively involved in the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.

View our HPDs:

The Health Product Declaration™ and logo is owned by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative™ and is used with permission.

Declare Labels

Mohawk Group is participating in the Living Building Challenge™ Declare program. By providing a clear, elegant and informative "nutrition-label" for building products, Declare aligns with our commitment to transparency in support of the Living Building Challenge's Red List and Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives—streamlining material documentation and project certification.

Architects, designers and specifiers want to make the right decisions when designing and constructing buildings by using ecologically sound products without resorting to extensive research. Declare fills this information gap and accelerates market transformation by answering three simple questions. Where does a product come from? What is it made of? And where does it go at the end of its life? By providing a clear ingredients list for building products, Declare helps consumers make conscious, informed decisions, and provides manufactures of ecologically sound products as a way to demonstrate market leadership and secure a competitive advantage.

Living Product Challenge

Mohawk Group Declare Labels

Durkan Declare Labels


Learn more about Mohawk’s commitment to sustainability.